Worship: Loving God

“I was glad when they said unto me, come and let us go into the house of the Lord.” Psalm 122:1

Morning Worship

We gather to experience the presence, power and love of God, through the ministry of song, the preached Word, teaching, as well as fellowship according to Hebrews 10:25 and Psalm 10:4.

Song Prep-Music Ministry

If you are gifted and have a heart for worshipping God in song or music the Shekinah Worship Team for Adults prepare (prep) every Tuesday at 6pm.

Intercessory Prayer

We do nothing without being covered in prayer. The Intercessory Prayer Team meets each week at 9:30am Sunday mornings and 5:30pm Weds evening. If you have a special request and or interested in participating with the Intercessory Team please let us know

Greeters Ministry

“I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of the Lord than to dwell in the tents of the wicked.”  Greeters are the first impression that people experience coming into the Lord’s house. If you have a gift or spirit of hospitality and really like people, this ministry option is for you.
The Purpose of Impact Church is to transform and influence the City of Vallejo, surrounding Cities, the State of California, America and the World with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Fellowship: Connecting with God’s People

Transform Our World

Transformation: As a Transformational Church, we believe in impacting the spheres of business, government, healthcare, entertainment and education.  We apply the principles of the Dr. Ed Silvoso’s “Two Banks of the River;” The Five Pivotal Paradigms and Prayer Evangelism.

The Five Pivotal Paradigms are:

  1. Discipling Nations not just Individuals (Matt. 28:18-20)
  2. The Marketplace is the heart of the nation and has been redeemed by Jesus; it must now be reclaimed (Luke 19:10)
  3. Labor is worship; and every Believer is a minister (Luke 10:3-4)
  4. The Kingdom must go where darkness is for Jesus to build His Church (Matt.16:18)
  5. The premier social indicator of transformation is the elimination of systemic poverty (Rev. 2:9)

4 Steps of Prayer Evangelism (Luke 10:5-9)

  1. Bless-Speak Peace (Vs.5)
  2. Fellowship-Get to know people (Vs.6-8)
  3. Minister-Heal the Sick (Vs.9a)
  4. Proclaim-The Kingdom of God has come to you (Vs.9b)

Men’s Ministry

MEN OF VALOR AND EXCELLENCE (M.O.V.E) meet each third Saturday morning for fellowship breakfast. This includes special guests, sharing of stories, prayer, and support that’s unique to men.

Women’s Ministry

Daughters of the King, the Women’s Ministry, allows for seasoned and young women of faith to come together for fellowship, prayer and teaching specifically designed to meet the needs of Kingdom women. This ministry is coming online again.

Outreach: Reaching God’s People

Fish and Loaves Feeding Ministries

In the ongoing establishment of Impact Church, we started our “Fishes and Loaves” feeding ministry in the Fairgrounds Plaza and continued feeding literally thousands of meals over time. Not only did we feed people with food, but we prayed with people to which many persons were also got healed and delivered from drugs and alcohol, as well as have their families restored through the church.  Not only that, but along with the feeding ministry, the desire to build a Community Clinic to serve the healthcare needs of the people began to roll out. Medical Doctors such as Dr. William Anderson and Dr. Ingrid Lopes from the nation’s number one Osteopathic Medical School, Touro University, came to help and volunteered their time. Impact Church’s members, Dr. Joyce, Suzette Goodwin, Art Goodridge, Julia Neal and others would serve meals and collect data to see what were the number of people who needing medical services. This outreach ministry sustained for a good while until county bureaucracy got in the way. But God may have new opportunity for us now.

Flippin’ Fridays and Church Without Walls

Nonetheless, after noticing violence rising in the community, Holy Spirit led us to start the “Church Without Walls” ministry.  Each Wednesday evening before Bible study classes took place inside of the Church; we were having church outside, praying for and teaching people in the Word of God.  We ministered to hundreds of men and women each week. Many still testify of being free from addictions, gainfully employed, families reconciled, children doing better in school and life being better altogether. Although we only see a few of them on Sunday mornings, they have declared that, “Wednesday evening is their church time.” We continue the Church Without Walls ministry to this day.  Also along the way, our evangelistic staff, Pastor Landon Goodwin, Sister Alicia Roundtree, Mother Ann, Lauren Harris, Anna Gil and others have done “door to door” campaigns to bless and reach the families in the community.

Impact Bible Ministries steadfastly shows to love families, through Annual Winter Carnivals, Outdoor Summer Worship Series, Flippin’ Fridays (hot dog and burger give-aways), Vacation Bible Schools and Family Fun Days.  Our heart is to be effective and relevant for living life every day. With solid Bible instruction, consistent community engagement and being “socially minded,” we have a world vision to make life better for God’s creation, His people. Today through live streaming and social media, Impact’s messaging with the gospel of Jesus Christ is going forward to reach the local community, the states across America and the nations of the world.

Adopting Businesses

Impact Church Adopts Businesses and Business Owners who may not get to church Sunday due to running their businesses, so we take the Church to them. At least once a month, we visit the businesses and have prayer and communion with the business owners and employees. We support their advancement, prosperity and most of all to keep their relationships strong with Christ, as Marketplace Ministers.

Never-Ending Christmas

We have partnered with World Vision and Costco. Costco contributes new or slightly used furniture, appliances, bicycles, and toys which we have access to give away by the truck loads. The contributions must be donated and dispersed to people of the community. Bicycles must be shipped internationally only.

Winter Carnival

The Winter Carnival is Hot Fun in The Winter Time! Each year between Thanksgiving and Christmas, usually the first week of December there are snow cones, hot chocolate, popcorn, puppets, plays and festive games to bless the children and people of the community and ministry. Adults enjoy it as much as the children. The weather is usually cold but hearts are always warmed.

SWAT: Spreading the Word Across Town

This is our Door to Door ministry campaign that happens quarterly.   Impact either has a short worship time on Sunday mornings, then take the entire church to homes in the surrounding community and or we have ministry teams go out on Saturday mornings. People are always hungry and thankful to see us.

Summer Series Outdoor Concert

In the month of July, Impact’s Worship Team, Shekinah, hosts a live outdoor concert each Friday night.

Discipleship: Teaching God’s People

Bible Studies

The weekly teachings and foundational Biblical classes and study are insightful, intensive and promote accuracy in the Word of God. The Transformed life can apply the Biblical principles each day wherever they are. We believe by living out and applying the Word of God, it enhances every area and aspect of a person’s daily existence.

Small Group Ministries

The small group ministries and study groups for adults are made up of various subject matters: Financial Peace University, Couples and Marriage, and Business Made Simple. These classes are usually six weeks and then rotate.

Children’s Classes

Ministry to youth through Bible Studies and Prayer Training is each Sunday during the worship hour.

Vacation Bible School

To impact children while school is out for the summer, Vacation Bible School is a four week series of lessons for children, youth, young adults, adults and the whole family. The lessons are exciting mixed with food, family and fun.

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